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Plea: Writer needed for H/am ficathon left overs --

snark_bait is to write for stonedregrets
Kayla R. is to write for yutamityu (who might also incidently get a fanfic from flyz0ntoast...?)

_Applications closed_

LOOKING FOR:Two House/Cameron writers looking for a challenge that is to be completed inside of the next month or so -- one who is willing to write smut, and one who won't go near smut

The House/Cam ficathon has been over for *months* ... and I have given up waiting for itoe_nakashima I did get a last contact from here about the day after deadline as to why she was unable to post the fic up- what cliches the deal is that I KNOW she wrote it and she even offered to post it up early since it was all done, (in fact she did 2, one for meg33 who couldn't write but did want one written) -- I have emailed, I have sms's ...

The only thing I won't do is ring her house, (despite having her number) ... because I'm too chicken (and polite, and scared and don't want to seem like a stalker) ...

I suspect stonedregrets has probably forgotten that she was to receieve something from ficathon, but I certainly have not forgotten ;) ... If anyone is willing to take on her assignment, and have it written within the next month or so, please email me at er_aussie@hotmail.com asap and I'll get you all set up. I'm pretty sure she didn't ask for smut ... but I'll have to look at the list properly ...
Here are stonedregrets's requirements:Three things you want to see in your story:
1. Cameron talking to Wilson (something like in 'Spin')
2. Something that you totally wouldn't expect to happen in House, but written so that it could happen (in other words, in character)
3. Fluff!
Three things you don’t want anywhere near your story:
1. Smut2. Chase (lol sorry dude)
3. Whiney-Cameron

Next item on the adgenda: yutamiyu

Her fic has been haff written and re written and then passed on from the original author to me .. of which I tried to find a replacement and met a brick wall. RL and fears of inadaquacy has prevented me from continuing the idea I had conjured up from her list of requirements, one of which is smut.

I am looking for a smut writer to take up yutamiyu's fanfic challenge, please email me at er_aussie@hotmail.com if you have time to write something up within the next month and I'll set you up with the assignment
Here's yutamiyu's assignmemt:Three things you want to see in your story:
1. The fate of Vogler
2. Mark Warner
3. Some hanky-panky. Doesn't have to be smut--but I'll never turn that down! ;D
Three things you don’t want anywhere near your story:
1. A redux of crystal meth
2. AnnoyinglyIndecisive!Stacy
3. In an almost direct contradiction to #2: NO OOC. I will settle for reading the first two if you can make sure that #3 happens.

Heres where the complete 4th House Cameron ficathon list is at present: http://whitewriter.livejournal.com/21687.html

What you will recieve for taking on the challenges: a reader excited and (hopefully) full of praise for your work and a ficathon organiser with a large plate of virtual cookies for your time...

If at all interested, let me remind you of my email adress er_aussie@hotmail.com

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Okay so I'm doing the stoned regrets one? I won't have it done by the end of the week, but def by the end of April, prolly 3 weeks ish if not early.

Yes, the one belonging to stonedregrets- (as you siad you had ideas for it no?)

3 weeks is all buddy buddy :D let me know if you have problems finding a beta or something, 'cause I have a few up my sleve ;) (not that you have to take up the offer, should you have your own).

It seems I have found people for both so this is positive.

I shall have it ready no later than 28th April, gives me a dead line to work to then. Phineyj normally betas my work, so I'm hoping she will be able to beta for me, but If she can't do it, I shall get back to you on the beta front.


and there it is, i think I emailed you too. Have not as yet posted it any where other than my journal.

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