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Master 4th Ficathon =Scars= List
Hello Readers and Writers Alike!

So this is the end of the 4th (annual -not really- but never mind) House_Cameron Ficathon _ScArS_ . Below you will find links to all the entries which both participants and non-paticipants can have a ganders at and all participating Writers will have a chance to finally view who wrote their well earned gift fics.

I'm sure all comments and criticisms will be much appreciated by all writers, so don't forget to comment after reading!

Much thanks goes to, soniced_up for her invaluable information which lead to me taking up this huge project, our ficathon betas: lynettinspaghet and bwaygal128 Also many thanks to itoe_nakashima whom I used as a sounding board throughout the proccess.

So without further ado, I present:

4th Offical House/Cameron Ficathon

1. stonedregrets(Rosanna) wrote Buried Scars for bellsie805

2. ladybugkoozl wrote 'Hidden Meanings' for starhawk

3. starhawk2005 wrote Making a Snow Angel with Two Backs for lila_bris

4.theguitarslayer (GS) wrote
Part 2
Part 3
for fated_addiction

5.whitewriter wrote Spare Key, part 1 part 2 part 3part 4 sarahkjrsten

6. _viccodin wrote Trivialities for soniced_up

7. soniced_up wrote Strings, Part 1 Strings, Part 2 for _viccodin

8. bandtvbookworm wrote Ticket of Pain for itoe_nakashima

9.wiccagirl24 wrote Debriding the wound for brightillusions

10. yutamiyu's fic is under construction.

11. sarahkjrsten wrote Scars for showertiles

12. teenwitch77 wrote Misdirection for ferox

13. fated_addiction wrote Jump for snark_bait

14. yutamiyu wrote Isosceles for teenwitch77

15. brightillusions(Jane) wrote Snark, Romance and Piercings for theguitarslayer

16. wyrdsmyth wrote Untitled for emstapole

17. snark_bait wrote This lonely view for choco_csi

18. bellsie805 wrote Acne for wiccagirl

19. cathiexx wrote This is the sound of your skin for fliz0ntoast

20. ***_NeW_*** snark_bait wrote Just Aother Day for stonedregrets

21. re_eth_ke wrote Optimism for ladybugkoozl

22. sgr11 wrote Proximity for enchanted_april

23. showertiles wrote They for sgr11

24. zeppogrl7 wrote Can't take it in for re_eth_ke

25. enchanted_april wrote Talk for zeppogrl7

26. fliz0ntoast wrote Stiches for wyrdsmyth

27. lila_bris wrote Case Reports & Computer Screens for ellycat

28. emstapole wrote Window into their life for marti

Phew. Well, enjoy :p

Signing out,

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You're back! Did you get chapter 4? I sent it last week.

I saw *grins* ... = "lotsa fixing to do" =... will get to it asap, but yes it is recieved :D

Ooh -- can't wait until it's all finished. =) All the H/Cam goodness!

P.S - sorry dear, but that's not my lj name you've got there. Mine is "cathiexx" .. just in case there might be any confusion if someone clicks on that one.

Ooooh...thanks for putting all of the links in one spot! :D

Minor note, you've got my username spelled wrong for assignment #11....

I've just written Spare Key pt. 1 for you (pt. 2 is at beta and 3 is being written) I hope you don't mind recieveing each part seperatly, and I will try to ge them all to you inside of a week (which might strech to 2 knowing me and my rubber time) ... its here: http://whitewriter.livejournal.com/23780.html#cutid1

Okay here's my link.
Sorry it took me so long.
Ficathon Entry

Recieved and posted, thanks

jsut a quick note, Emi is me

If we haven't gotten our fic in return yet, will a backup writer write it?

Um.. *thinks hard* ... How's this: I'll go searching for your writer and since I don't think Ive heard from them yet -- I'll get either myself or someone else onto it. I'll let you know asap if Ive found someone though and uh, if you don't mind get them to email whoever it is, is your backup to email you dirctly with the story as well as posting it at their LJ.

I don't know what happened to your person -- and I don't have the list on me atm (vry far from home atm) ... but I can promise you 1 thing: you will get it by the first week March (by that date you'll have to have me ... lol.. sorry about this...)

Sure, you can give them my email, at this point, I just want to read my story! lol

looking at the list now it seems choco_csi had you ... I havn;t heard from her/him yet ... *thinks harder* -- will get back to you in less than a day since Im at a cafe and need to get out. soon!

Have you heard anything by choco_csi yet?

Yes I have actually (sorry it took so long for me to let you know) and she is unable to complete her assignment-- so I'm on the hunt for a backup or you'r stuck with me. Either way, your fic *will be written* by first week March. But it won't be from choco_csi.

Have you heard from itoe_nakashima yet? It said the fic wouldn't be up for a week or so. Just wondering.


Actually now that you mention it I havent heard from her.. or ferox ... *confusion is deeply setting in* ... If I was back in Oz I'd give her a ring since I have her number... somehow ... and a QLD phone card... also a weird fact ..

However, I will try to email her again -- I know shes written it -- she wrote it like in the first week of the ficathon (yup both fics)... (now wishing I had asked for it earlier but nvm) ... and that from what shes said that this was going to be the first fic she'd post and then she'd launch a mega House/Cam series which If I remember correctly Ive had teh pleasure of reading and I could see becoming quite, well quite something ..

Either way, thanks for the reminder.

damn... that was me (lol obviously) Im so not used to loging on before posting...

Hey, Rita, is this happening again?

Well, I didnt know anyone was interested --
Ive been out of the fanfic loop for a while now, but Ive got 4 weeks holidays coming up so I *could* see if anyone was interested ....

Why -- are you interested?

I stopped shipping Hameron ages ago

I have a feeling that this semester is going to make last semester look like a walk in the park ...

Thats what generally happens.

Did I see you sneak into Bioc/Micr yesterday (Don't remmeber which, was in Biomed Dfor both)

I came in time for bioc -- As of yesterday I wasn't even considering micro.

Now I've put in the "please let me in even though I didn't do introductory course" form and is waiting to be allowed in.

So I dont think so ... Bioc couldnt be any more boring yesterday

Ive been warned to be nice to the lecture dude (Pengine like isn't he?) or he won't be nice to you in the lab ? In any case.

All Hail Mr Pengine

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